Mission & Student Committee

The Missionary and Student Committee has three broad aims with regard to mission:

  • To increase missionary focus within our congregation and give a global perspective
  • To see increase in both prayer and financial support for missionary and student work
  • To encourage some to take up missionary or student service e.g. short term gap years, missionary enterprise or summer outreach activities at home or overseas

These are a few of the missionary organisations that are particularly, but not exclusively supported by the Missionary and Student Committee.

Mission Overseas Board of the Presbyterian Church in Irelandpresbyterian-mission-overseas

Currently Derek and Linda Roulston working in Kenya Supporting agriculture development.

Board of Mission in Irelandpresbyterian-mission-ireland

Currently Harry and Anne Moreland working in Cork and Fermoy as Irish Mission workers alongside local PCI ministers.


Through the Connected Church initiative we support families in Haiti after the recent earthquake. As well as this we support the Sahara Charitable Society in Mumbai, helping vulnerable women and children through tackling spiritual poverty and improving the overall quality of life, such as intervention, counseling, education, nutrition and referrals to homes.

Christian Aidchristian-aid

We support specific needs as they arise.

Overseas Missionary Fund

We support specific needs as they arise.

Samaritan’s PurseOperation Christmas Child

An annual shoe box appeal called Operation Christmas Child provides an opportunity each Autumn for the congregation to fill and donate shoe boxes which are taken to children identified in need.

World Development Appeal of PCI

This appeal gives us an opportunity to respond to the