Worship Support

We have two main groups that support the running of our Sunday services.

The Music Ministry

This Ministry comprises of the Choir, Praise Group and Junior Choir. Each of these groups put a huge amount of effort and their own valuable time into helping the Church worship God in a meaningful manner.

The Choir is a 4 part choir practising each Tuesday Night from 6.45pm to 8pm although if the banter is good it may go on into the night. There are always anthems to be working on as the Choir have plenty events throughout the year such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter. Everyone will be made very welcome at the Choir and we meet everyone at their level encouraging them in their skill and ability.

The Praise group would normally lead worship at least 2 services a month consisting of all ages blending different types of instruments together such as flutes, strings, sax, trumpet, drums etc. The Piano and Organ also play a major role in the praise group.

On Children’s day in June the Junior Choir would normally lead the congregation in their worship. They also prepare several Choral pieces to be sung on the day. The age range is 6 years and over.

The Music ministry strives for excellence using their God given talents to His glory and if anyone wishes to contribute in any area of the music ministry they should contact:
Terry Smith at terencesmith40@yahoo.co.uk or on 077 5969 0368.

The Sound/Powerpoint Team

The sound/powerpoint team operate all things technical such as managing the sound system, recording the services and running the visuals during worship services.

For further information contact:
Terry Smith at terencesmith40@yahoo.co.uk or on 077 5969 0368