Boys’ Brigade

“Sure and Steadfast”boys-brigade-logo

Boys’ Brigade is a Christian youth organisation for boys of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We offer a balanced programme of activities for children and young people from 3 to 18 years old. The resources have been developed to help our volunteer youth leaders work in a relevant and creative way. We hope through these programmes we will be able to make a positive contribution to a young person’s life and be able to share their faith.

Our aim is to see “the advancement of Christ’s kingdom among boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.”

Boys are grouped into sections according to age:
Anchor Boys: 5 – 8 years (P1 – P4)
Junior Section: 8 – 11 years (P5 – P7)
Company Section: 11 – 18 years (Y8 – Y14)

Our Boys’ Brigade meet on a Wednesday evening. The times are as follows:
Anchor Boys: 7:00 – 8pm
Junior Section: 7:00 – 8:30pm
Company Section: