Youth Fellowship

Meet with others; ask the big questions. Laugh a lot, make friends, do some exciting stuff in our city, talk about God, explore your faith.

Youth Fellowship (YF) is our programme for 11-18 year olds and is a great place for making friends, thinking about faith, having fun and discovering God. Every other Sunday night we meet at 7:45pm for about an hour and a half to hang out, mess about, talk, learn, worship and sometimes pray.

We do prayer walks, BBQ’s, panel and movie nights, and in addition to our YF Weekend, we join with youth groups from all around the country for PCIYAC Youth Night in June.

At YF we realise there is more to life than just going to school, getting a job, a nice house, getting married and then getting old! THERE’S JUST GOTTA BE! So we want to find out more, to start living with a true purpose and discovering the exciting life that God intends for us. There’s a God who loves us and wants the best for us.

Come along on a Sunday evening to see what it’s all about.

Every other Sunday night at 7:45pm.
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